Friday, March 25, 2005

Planner on Windows

Here's a screenshot of Planner 0.13 running on Windows:

Enjoy, it is coming soon.



Richard said...

Fantastic. I can not wait! Do you have a pre-release binary for beta testing?

Francisco Moraes said...

Yes, I have binaries I could release, but I'd rather do the right thing. It is mostly a matter of having a place to host the files at this point so that I can publish it.

Richard said...

I installed the "teaser" release of winplanner. Unfortunataly, it hangs upon starting - the window is greyed out and the CPU usage went 100%.

O/S: WinXP SP2 (hosted on vmware 4.5 on FC3)
GTK: 2.6.4 (Gimp 2.2 works)

SL said...

Great job, thanks !

I found something strange, and I don't know if it can be Windows related :
in the "resources" pannel, when I type a cost value greater than 1000, only one figure is kept (the first one). This bug also appears in the "task" panel, because each calculated cost greater than 1000 has the same problem.
What do you think ?

I use W2K SP4 french edition
Tested on English and French translation of the last Planner

Francisco Moraes said...

Not sure about the problem being reported on the task/resource views.
I've tested without problems on an English machine.

Have you tried that with the first version I've released or the most recent?

larry said...

When I try to export to an HTML file, Planner creates a zero-sized file...

larry said...

the html export does not seem to work