Thursday, February 16, 2006

Windows native printing

I'd like to hear everyone's experience with native printing on Windows.

If you get funny characters printed, then your printer is doing font substitution. You need to change the print defaults... in the printer settings and find the font substitution settings to disable it.

Please post comments on your experiences. I may take a look to see if this can be fixed.



Paolo said...

Hi. Using gtk+-2.8.9-setup-1.exe, windows xp and your last build of winplanner is possible to print only on pdf, not native printers. The output on native printers every page is printed on the left bottom quarter of the page, mirrored (the text is readable using a mirror) and compressed and overlayered each other row.

kal said...


I have two printers connected to my windows xp: an hp laserjet and an hp deskjet.

The laserjet was not printing text at all, while the deskjet was printing it in mirror image. When I tinkered around with the settings (in both cases, I disabled the "Advanced Printer Features", they both worked quite well. In other words, I can now display text and graphics using libngomeprint on windows.

newellista said...

I have a Brother MFC-8500 Laser printer. I was getting the mirrored image as well, but I disabled the Advanced Printer Features, and it now prints just fine.

Thanks for your fine work.

Mielpops said...

The print preview shows me a blank page, and printing does not do anything.
My default printer is a OfficeJet Pro K550

oescondido said...

I am working on Windows XP SP2 and my printer is HP LaserJet 4. My experience in printing with WinPlanner is none: just don´t print. It crash. I install the gtk+ v.2.8.18.

Julian said...

I'm using Windows XP Pro, SP1.

I get the mirrored text as well. Where are the 'Advanced Settings' everyone is talking about?

Richard said...

GTK 2.10.6 on WinXP SP2 and HP 8150 photosmart prints mirrored and compressed.

Nonetheless, I like it and will be using it!