Sunday, April 09, 2006

Working on Gantt alignment bug

I have been helping in fixing the Gantt alignment bug that causes the Gantt chart and the task tree to be disaliagned. I think we now have a solution that will work for everybody.

I will try to post more often as time permits of course.



Mielpops said...

Great, this is the most annoying bug right now...
Do you plan to release an intermediate builf, or wait for the next release of Planner ?
BTW, very good job

kblocat said...

Hello man. Are you still working on this project ? I'm starting using it today, but I need to know that this project is being up to date. Do you have news ?



guillaume said...


I'm working on Imendio in order to compare some planning software.

I wd like to knows few things :
- is it planed to have PERT views ?
- is xml export planned too ?
- how many are you workin on that ?
(- are u spanish ;?)

I really like working with Imendio, and i'm to consult firms to work with.

Thx for u're work,

lfreitas34 said...


Where can I post bugs?

I am trying to install Winplanner 0.14.2 on Windows XP (Brazillian Portuguese version, so it has "Arquivos de Programas" instead of "Program Files", etc) and it is not recognizing GTK++ runtime (tried both 2.6.10 and 2.10.6). Any hints?