Monday, September 25, 2006

Version 0.14.1 released

The new version of WinPlanner is now available, mirroring the release of Planner 0.14.1. This fixes the Gantt crashes reported.


* new man page contributed by Martin-Eric Racine
* fix for bug #353213 - fix compile with libgda 1.3.91 - contrubuted by Dennis Lubert

* corrected build of translated user guides
* src/planner-format.c: fix NULL pointer deref - bug #334121
* src/planner-gantt-row.c: patch to fix segv on scrolling - bug #345517
* po/ Added missing files per bug #344793
* README: Put some better, more current info in there
* NEWS: Updates since v0.13

You can download it here:


Mariusz said...

F-Secure s warning me about Zlob Trojan in this file.

David said...

Where is there a viable buildable source code for this version since it appears that there is no similar version in the CVS source and the current CVS source does not build under windows following the very old directions on the WinPlanner website. Any help getting a buildable source appreciated.
David Rivkin

Ryan 'ski said...

Hi Francisco.

I currently run GTK+ 2.10.6 on Windows XP. When I attempt to install Planner, it tells me I need 2.6.4 or newer. Obviously, I have this. In fact, trying to install any other version of GTK+ tells my I have a newer version. Any ideas on what I can do to get this installed on my PC?

Krystian Nowak said...

Is there a PostgreSQL support in 0.14.1 version for Windows? I have also 0.14.1 version for Linux (from Debian package) and there is no "file->import->open from DB" menu.

Francisco Moraes said...

I will be updating the code to version 0.14.2 soon.

As to reply to questions:

- F-Secure seems to be wrong here. No idea why
- Source code is the same as GNOME Planner. I will make a source release if needed, but it was straight out of CVS for version 0.14.1
- There is a GTK Installer Bug that I will fix for version 0.14.2
- No Postgres support yet. I've tried it before but there are lots of issues in Planner itself.

Carl said...
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Carl said...

one small comment: would it be possible to allow hiding non-working days from the printout / html export of the gantt chart? I have a 4h task that shows a 3 day long block of time on the calendar o_O.

Ana said...


If you want an enhancement request, please open it on the GNOME Bugzilla.

Sidnei M. Barrentos Jr. said...

Great Tool!
Great Job!

But if the integration with PostgreSQL were working, it would be much better.