Saturday, December 16, 2006

Version 0.14.2 released


I finally had time to compile Planner 0.14.2 and make it available.

New features and fixes
* fix bug #353232 - patch to raise majic priority, fixing nautilus behavior when clicking on a planner file
* fix bug #368186 - patch to paint guide lines behind project start date rather than on top - contributed by Arthur Petitpierre
* added -Wno-return-type for compile with database enabled
* patch related to bug #353213 - added #ifdefs to allow compile with libgda 1 or 2, up to libgda-1.9.102
* Added Arabic - contributed by Djihed Afifi
* fix for bug 358415 crash in gantt view, contributed by Arthur Petitpierre and mdpoole trolius org.

I've also fixed the installer bug which failed to recognize GTK 2.10 as a valid for Planner usage.

You can download it from here:



Reinhard said...


I just updated from 0.14.1 to 0.14.2. When I start Planner, I receive this error message:

Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "g_type_register_static_simple" wurde in der DLL "libgobject-2.0.0.dll" nicht gefunden.

In English saying like: The function entry point "g_type_register_static_simple" was not found in DLL "libgobject-2.0.0.dll".

Can you help to solve that problem?


OpenCage said...

Also I have same error. My GTK+ environment is 2.8.18-rc1.

OpenCage said...

I change GTK+ to 2.10.6. Then planner works correct. Thank you!

Reinhard said...

That was it -- thanks for the hint!

Fernando said...


exist any documentation to deploy this software in unattended mode?

I have to deploy this software to some users and i need that no one pop up appears in the user´s screen.

Kazimierz said...

Excellent work. :) We have been using planner on Linux for years. Now we can also install it on Windows. Thank you for the port. Thus it looks like we saved some money on MS Project licenses. Could we somehow donate your project instead? :)

Mauricio said...
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Mauricio said...

I downloaded and installed 14.2. I don't know why but every time I try to save a project an error appears "could not write xml file". Is there a way to solve this?


joan said...

I installed 2.10.6 and it states I do not have GTK 2.6+ installed.

David said...

Planner Crash on HTML Export: Windows XP / GTK / Planner 0.14.2

When one tries to export a plan and request that the results are displayed in the browser (in this case FireFox), Planner crashes.

The exported plan does get written to disk but it is incomplete - the dates are missing in the header section of the Gnatt Chart in the HTML file. If one de-selects the "show in browser" option, the program DOES NOT crash, but the HTML is still corrupted.

Are there any fixes, as this feature use to work in pre-0.14.1 releases on Windows XP?

Further investigation indicates that the Dates for the HTML table header are concatenated at the end of the actual schedule date section (mis alignment error), and also the Dates scale is not the same as the what is displayed in Planner.

If you require the resulting HTML file please let me know.

JP said...


I started to use the planner last year and last week I am facing an error when I try to print my project:
GLib-ERROR **:gmem.c135: failed to allocate 4294967272 bytes aborting...

I've upgraded GTK and planner version to 14.2 but the same always happens.
Last Friday, when started the error, I was using very well and it started and now I cannot use the planner to print.

Could you please help me ?

Thanks in advance,

tetram said...


My planner 0.14.1 is worked with french language but now (GTK 2.6 => 2.10 and Planner 0.14.1 => 0.14.2) the language used is english.

(I have configured GTK language settings)

What is the problem ?


kEpEx said...
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kEpEx said...


I wrote a coment on my website, to suggest to use winplanner.

I explain that the website is not updated, and have the version with the gtk bug.

I recomend update that websites, because seems the oficial.

however, thanks for the winplanner.

and sorry for my english.

if you want to see my posts about winplanner. on:

only spanish.

Best Regards

Belinda said...


I have just found winplanner. Have just installed GTK+ 2.10.13 from the link from winplanner site and when I try and install winplanner it tells me I need to install GTK+ 2.6.4 or higher. Running Win XP Home, have tried a restart after installing GTK+ any ideas anyone?

Gamgster said...

When could we enjoy a Spanish version? Is it possible to participate translating this project to other languages (Spanish)?

Андрей said...

Hi.. My name is Andrew..

I just downloaded planner-0.14.2 but it still has some troubles with GTK2.. i has GTK 2.10 installed with GIMP2, but planner could not recognize it as valid runtime version.. Please tell me how can i fix it? may be i should add some environment variables?
OS: WinXP+sp2

Thank you!

Yvan ~ Bellinux said...


THx for your planner, it help us in our work with simplicity

Do we wish have an export html with the critical way ?


Dave said...


I heart that is a good aplication for project magement.
I'd like to know if could be possible to change the month for start the year. This is because in other countries the year (mainly for Fiscal Year) start at other month not at January (the week counting starts at first week of January) then if I could select the month to start the year, could count the weeks from the first week of the moth I selected. For example the Japanese Fisal year start in April so the week counting starts with the first week of April.

Best Regards.