Saturday, October 13, 2007

Web site updated

Just to inform that I updated the main page of to point to the latest download available, so people don't download version 0.14.1 anymore.

I will try to update Planner again soon. Work has been taking my time.



José Paulo said...

I can't make it works...

B-Rad said...

I get an error when I try to launch the program. It says:
"The procedure entry point g_assertion_message could not be located in the dynamic link library libglib-2.0-0.dll."

Any ideas?

Evereasy said...

Like to say thank you for making Planner available on Windows platform.

It works on Windows XP Traditional Chinese SP2 (gtk2-runtime-2.12.9-2008-03-18-ash.exe+ planner-0.14.2.exe)

However, it can not open or save files that have Chinese characters in path or file name.

Instruction on customizing gtk-toolbar-style -

magnetik said...

Any idea for a date for version 0.14.3 ?

Thanks for your job ! :)

Eric Báez Bezama said...

Hi, i installed Winplanner in a notebook's friend (i have planner on ubuntu working), but when try to open the system says "Glib ERROR this version of glib requieres NT-based Windows.

Olivier said...

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